To set up the switcher button on your store to switch between languages and currencies, firstly please go to Transcy app > Switchers, you will see a window showing like this:

You can set up Element Setting, Device Setting, and Color Setting for Language & Currency Switcher there.

I. Switcher visibility

You can choose Only me to show Switcher for only you if you've still not done setting up the Switcher or Public to show Switcher for all visitors once you're ready.

II. Element Setting

Here, you could easily enable/disable Switcher, select the language name format/ currency code format, choose Divider format, and turn on/off the Flag if you want on Switcher.

1. Show

Language Switcher

For now, there are 3 ways to show language name

Default (English names), like English, French, Japanese.
Short names, like En, Fr, Ja.
Native names, like English, Français, 日本語

Currency Switcher

There are 5 options to show supported currencies. More details about supported currencies, please check this article.

Name and code, like Australian Dollar (AUD)
Name and symbol like Australian Dollar(A$)
Name only like Australian Dollar
Code and symbol, like AUD(A$)
Code only like AUD

2. Flag icon style

There are 4 types of flag including Circle, Square, Rounded and Rectangle.

Please remember to tick on Show flag box to enable Flag style section.

3. Divider format

Also, you could choose divider format icon suitably on your store.

III. Device Setting

Easy to set up Position, adjust Font size and choose Switcher type that you like on Desktop and Mobile separately according to your wish as well as to make Switcher fit with your website design better.

Example: You could set up Switcher Floating in Top right page corner on Desktop while getting Switcher embedded in menu on Mobile at the same time.

NOTE: However, please be advised that Color Setting will apply the same effects to both Switcher on mobile and desktop (except Dropdown field and Hover state in Expanded switcher color be only applied on desktop).

1. Position

There are 3 options to place the switchers on your page:

On top of page: (select a corner "Right or Left" to show). There is a Bar color so you can adjust it yourself and have a preview in the right panel to see how it will look like on your store.

Floating in page corner: you can choose area to place the switcher button (on top/bottom left, top/bottom right) and turn on/off Shadow effect.

Embedded in page header: The switcher will be embedded on the header of the page, depending on the theme you are using. Currently, we are supporting 43 most popular themes to embed switcher on page header on desktop, which are:

Debut, Brooklyn, Venture, Minimal, Narrative, Supply, Simple, Boundless, Express, Booster, Debutify, Turbo, Prestige, Fastlane, Shoptimized, Impulse, Speedly, EcomSolid, Ella, Success, Empire, Parallax, Envy, Fastor, Elessi, Retina, Basel, Venue, Shella, Testament, District, Motion, ...

And List of 41 themes supported to embed switcher on mobile. Check out here to learn more.


In case you change your theme which is out of the supported list above for Embedded in page header, then Switcher will auto be changed back to Floating Switcher format.
If you have changed your theme to a new one and cannot choose Embedded in page header. That means your new theme has not been supported code to embed yet, no worries, just get contact our CS team then we will check and embed it for you.

2. Font size

Feel free to keep the font size on Switcher at default based on Theme size or custom size according to your preference.

3. Switcher type

There are 2 types of Switchers: Dropdown and Popup.

IV. Color Setting

You can select color for the text and background in the switcher button and hover color to make it suitable with your theme.

NOTE: Background and Hover state color will not effect to Switcher on both desktop and mobile when it's embedded in menu. The Switcher will get the same color of your theme color.


Preview window in the right panel only helps you to have a better visual before applying any change. To see how color effects applied on your store exactly, please kindly view and check it on your real device.
Remember to click on Save button on top after done to apply your changes.
On your live website, customer only need to select a language/currency on Switcher then click on Apply button to apply that language/currency.

Label contents such as Language, Currency, Search in English at default on Switcher. Once visitors select a target language on the Switcher and apply then all these label contents would be translated according to that target language automatically.

That's all, and hope you will enjoy it !!!

If you need some more helps, and/or have any new ideas about customization, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at
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