Not like other normal pages such as the product page, homepage, cart page, with the checkout page, we only support multi currency checkout for merchants who use Shopify Payments.

More details, please visit this link.

Simply, if you use Shopify Payment, and already added all target currencies into your Shopify Payment, then Transcy switcher could support your clients to purchase their order by their local currency at the checkout page.

It'll help clients can shop in their local currency from the homepage to checkout confirmation thoroughly then make their purchasing better and quicker. Since the exchange rate would be managed and provided completely by Shopify Payment. Your prices won't change with the exchange market.

If Shopify Payment is enabled in your store, then your clients could checkout with these supported currencies.

Learn more here to set up Shopify payment:


Make sure your currencies list in Transcy and Shopify Payment has the same currencies and then this will work automatically without any need to modify the app.

In case you've set up currency format for target currencies in Shopify Payment already, those target currencies will follow currency format that you have set in Shopify Payment Setting. So please kindly contact Shopify support for further advice if you want to change/edit currency format in this case.

Hope this helps you a lot

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