Please go to Translation --> Manage Content --> choose target language --> choose the page type in Resource type --> choose the page which has been untranslated yet or need to be updated the new translation since you have changed new contents --> click on Edit button.

Example: Product page

Choose any particular product page which has been untranslated yet or you've changed new contents on store so these new contents needs to be re-translated to update the new translation --> click on the Edit button or the product name.

Choose element you want to translate or update new translation on that product page --> click on Translate button --> Confirm on popup --> Save

Confirm to translate all selected elements on the chosen target language --> Translate now


OR you can tick to select elements --> Bulk action button --> click Translate if you want to translate all Untranslated elements or Partially translated elements of the chosen product page at once.


Hope this helps you.

More references about Transcy can be found here

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