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How to Upload Product Reviews XML Feed on Google Merchant Center?

If everything is okay, Google will follow-up with you and the "Product reviews" section is now available in your Merchant Center (left-hand menu).

Upload your Product Reviews Feed to the Merchant Center

Once you are approved by Google, you will be able to see the Product reviews feed type in Google Merchant Center (see screenshot above). You can now submit the product reviews XML feed.

Product reviews feed set-up

In your Merchant Center, go to Marketing> Product reviews>click on the "Product reviews feeds" located on the upper right to create a new feed. Then fill out the information.

Basic information

Mode = Standard
Type = Product reviews

Name and input method

Feed name can be any, e.g. "Ali Reviews Review Feed XML"
Select Scheduled Fetch (For Auto Upload method)
Or Upload to manual upload the XML file

Setup: Configure your feed options for the method you've chosen

File name : the file name can be obtained in your Google Shopping`s setting, see File name
Fetch Frequency = Daily
Fetch time (keep default value)
Time zone (keep default value)

Ali Reviews will update the XML feed file daily.

XML File Links: Enter the file URL provided from Ali Reviews

Once Google receives our Product Reviews Feed, their data quality and policy specialists will review it, and your product reviews will only appear online after finishing this review process successfully.

After successfully completing the review process, it can take between 2 to 4 weeks for your reviews to go live.


To onboard your feed successfully, Google recommends including unique product identifiers (UPIs) such as Global Trade Item Numbers (GTIN), Brand names, and MPNs (Manufacturer Part Numbers). Not all products have unique product identifiers. However, if your product does have one, especially a GTIN, providing it can help make your ads richer and easier for users to find.
You can find more information about unique product identifiers in Help Center Article from Google Merchant Center Help.
During the onboarding process, the Product reviews page in Merchant Center will show "Status: inactive". Once your store is on-boarded into the program, it will take 3-4 days for this status to update.

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Updated on: 08/07/2024

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