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There are 2 ways to translate your target languages in Transcy

After adding Target language in Language Settings or when you have finished to set up Transcy, to start translating, there will be a popup to show all items on store need to be selected to translate including:
Product pages
Collection pages
Article pages
Blog pages
Other pages (The remaining pages of your store can be found here)
Store theme
Menu (Main menu, footer menu, and other menus of your store.)
Payment Gateway page
Shop Policy page

Please consider all these options carefully and select items which you want to translate first such as your favorite pages or items with the higher priority on store BEFORE you click on "Translate Page" button.

Example: Like the above picture, it will translate all product pages, all collection pages, Blog page, Menu and Store theme.

At default, all elements/items already are unselected so you need to check all these items carefully then ONLY select your wish items which you want to prioritize translation on store.
We will translate all content within a selected item.
So by selecting which items/pages you really want to translate on store, it will meet your right purpose or expectation, also help you save the number of available words in your plan as well as use translation effectively.

If you want to translate all items/pages on store, just feel free to select all items and click "Translate" button.

In case you select all items and click on "Translate", immediately the app will do action and translate ALL items (elements/pages) on store. As a result, the app will translate all items and count your available words.
Also, we use a third-party to translate word so it means your translated words on these items completely already costed on their system based on the number of translated words. Simply these translated words are counted historically.
So the more elements/pages/items are translated, the more your available words deducted.

Your translation result on store will depend on the number of your store word and how many your available words left. If your Available words is 0 but still some elements on store untranslated yet, we recommend you should buy more word OR upgrade to a higher plan to continue translating.

If all your items/pages have been translated before, but you select all items to translate again, all those items/pages will be overwritten/translated and they are still counted on your available words normally. Thus, it's up to your choice. Just estimate your words number on store carefully then consider to select preferred items that need to be translated reasonably.

Please be advised that we can't restore the translated words number for any plan (Free plan or paid plan) since once words have been translated that means they were costed already by a third-partner who cooperate with our app. And once the target languages are translated in the app, deleting action of these target languages does NOT restore the Available words which have been translated.

Additionally, you could translate unselected items later on store by this way:
Go to Translation > Manage Translation > Edit translation > choose your item/element/page which you want to continue to translate > Translate

Directly choose a specific store item/page that want to be translated


Translation > Manage Translation > Edit translation > Product > View details > tick all products > Translate ALL product pages OR choose some specific product pages which you want to translate > Select element and language to translate in product page > check content > click on "Translate page" button

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at
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