You can simply follow this instruction for setting up pricing rules for your products and it will be applied after you have save it.

Go to Ali Orders > Import List > Import Settings > Pricing Rules:

Product cost: With the “Product Cost” feature, you can add a cost range to set your new product prices. This feature is especially effective when you are selling different types of products and their cost range is really wide. You can add more than 1 cost range using “Add cost range” button to set the most reasonable prices for your products.

Product Price: is the prices you want it to show on your storefront. You can use Multiply or “Plus” techniques to optionally set products price to ensure your wishful profit.

+ Multiply: Multiply the original product price as many times as you want. For example, a product which costs $2.00 from AliExpress supplier with a “multiply” of 3 would have the price of $6.00 in your Shopify store.

+ Plus: Plus allows you to added new price on top of the original product price. For example, a product which costs $2.00 with a “plus” of 3 would have a price of $5.00 in your Shopify store.

Comparing price: This feature will help you to create artificial product sales in your Shopify store. Just add your desired “Multiply” or “Plus” to set up. Disable this button if you don’t want to show the comparing price. But take note that the"Comparing Price" value must be set higher than the "Product Price" setting value.

Convert currency: Default currency is USD. If you enable “convert currency”, it will automatically take the currency that you set in your Shopify store.


Ali Orders allows you to set a specific cent value for your price or comparison price.

For example, the product costs $5.70 (on Aliexpress), and you have the Product price rule was set to multiply 3 times, the product price will be calculated like this: $5.70*3= $17.1 but if assign cents set to 90, then product price will be 17.90 on your store.

You can set this rule in Import setting:

Finally, click on Save Settings button to save and apply newly saved pricing rules to all your upcoming imported products. After imported products by rule, you can go to Import List and customize prices if needed.


Once you click on "Apply for products in Import list", it just changes the products in Import List, it DOES NOT apply for products in Product List after you push it to your store. To manage product prices manually after pushing to Shopify store, please refer to this article.

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