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Integration with AmpifyMe

In order to activate these elements, you need to install both Ali Reviews and AmpifyMe.

About AmpifyMe

AmpifyMe, a must have for mobile e-commerce, creates whole new mobile pages called AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) pages with a technology that will make your store consistently fast, beautiful and high-performing across devices, and distribution platforms. And of course it will NOT change your original store, it remains the same.

With FASTER loading times, many retailers see HIGHER conversions, and HIGHER engagement when using AMP. We've seen that users are more willing to return to an e-commerce site that performs well. Whether you're a smaller store or a larger marketplace, AmpifyMe AMP can help you make the sale. 

For more information about AmpifyMe, please refer here.

How to enable Ali Reviews on Ampify Editor

Make sure Ali Reviews app has been installed, and integrated with the store to enable Product reviews.

In Dashboard, please go APP Themes => Customize

As you’re editing your Product page, add Ali Reviews as a new section.

Going on, select the Settings button for Ali Reviews as in picture

Then tick in the ‘*Enable Ali Reviews**’ button, and Save your editing process. Now go check your store, and you can see Review Box and Rating Stars showing up on your Product page.

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Updated on: 16/04/2021

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