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In order to provide customer a quick look on how our app works with full features, we are happy to give you 90-day trial for FREE, and you can choose any of existing app paid plans to try before having final decision at the end of trial period.

BEFORE starting 90-day FREE trial:

You will be routed to Shopify Approve charge page that will show you full information with an exact date when you will be charged.

There will have NO further notification after that, and we will NOT issue the refund when you have finished 90-day free trial. Refer to our Payment and Refund policy for more details.

DURING this 90-day trial:

- NO cost will be issued if you stop using and uninstall the app BEFORE the trial period ends.
- If you stop and uninstall app during this trial period, and later when you re-install app, the remain trial day will be kept. For e.g., you used app for 3 days then uninstall, when you re-install app again, you will have 87 days left only.

AFTER 90-day FREE trial, if you have not uninstalled our app:

- You will be charged the amount of money based on your chosen plan.
- You can not extend trial period after this time.
- NO refund could be issued.
- Refer to our Payment and Policy for more details.

If you need some more helps, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at
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