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Request Dashboard: see how emails are performing

Ali Reviews will send the emails to your customer to ask for the review according to your settings on Review request via Email

Request Dashboard allows you to manage all the emails and see how they work. Please go to Collect reviews --> Request Dashboard --> open tab Email Review Request or access via this link:

1. Understand the status of Email Request reviews.

Scheduled: email request review is scheduled after the order fulfilment, and will be sent according to your sending time

Sent: email request review is sent to your customer mail box, but has not opened yet

Opened: your customer opened the email request review

Reviewed: your customer already left a review via the Email request review

Cancelled: email was cancelled before its sending time

Error: emails cannot be sent, your customer might be unsubscribed or be added on the Blocklist, email dress is not correct/ invalid.

2. Process actions to the email request reviews

Send or cancel email which were already scheduled.

For emails which are Sent, Opened, Error, you can re-send it to remind your customer to leave a review

You can also manual send the emails which were cancelled before


- Request Dashboard will stop to update new emails if you turn off the Email Request review campaign.

- When you stop the Auto Request, all scheduled mails will still be sent according the sending time. You can filter and cancel them if you want.

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Updated on: 08/07/2024

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