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Schedule manual requests for orders out side Shopify via CSV file

If the Auto Request feature is enable, Ali reviews will schedule an auto email after the order is fulfilled.

However, in case you have orders which are not from Shopify, Ali Reviews can also help you to send manual review request via CSV file, so that you can collect reviews from them. This feature is available from Essential plan


Step 1: Configure the Email content. We will use the same content set on Auto request

Step 2: Prepare the CSV file contains the request information.

Go to Request via Email/ SMS --> Review Request via Email --> Manual request

Follow the instruction to prepare the CSV file.

Open this file via Google Sheet and make a copy of it

Fill data into the copied file.

- Customer name: should not contain special symbol.

- Email: valid email, the review request will be sent to this email address.

- Product ID: correct Product ID from Shopify. Open your product on Shopify admin, Product ID is the last part (number) of your product URL from Shopify admin.

After filling the data, please download it as csv format.

Step 3: Upload the file and hit the "Send now" button. All the emails will be sent to the contact on the file.

Step 4: You will be able to track how the request's working on the Request Dashboard


The CSV file should not contains more than 2000 rows.

Each contact will not receive more than 2 emails a day and 5 emails a month. If you schedule more than 5 emails, other requests will not be sent and turn to Error status. You will be able to resend those request in the next month.

Each email will only contain 1 product.

We prepare the Error report if the CSV file is not correct. Please upload this file into Google Sheet and edit the incorrect fields there. After that download as CSV format and upload as mentioned on Step 2.

If you need some more helps, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

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Updated on: 08/07/2024

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