When you got new orders, the status on Shopify will be UNFULFILLED
When the order has been fulfilled, the status on Shopify will be FULFILLED


When you got order from your customer, the order will be in ORDER LIST and right under To Order section:

The order will be changed into Order Placed after you have done fulfilling your order then the Ali Order No should be synced:

To be shown in Shipped your order should be had tracking code number from your suppliers in AliExpress then it will be shown in this section:

As you may know, we only synced information of your orders and product information via your Shopify store. So please help me to check carefully about the Order status on Shopify before checking in our app so you won't get confused.

If your order has been showing correctly on Shopify, but NOT in our app, please let us know via our live chat, or email, so we can check for you.
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