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Transcy - How can I manage language translation in app?

After setting up target language, please move to manage language translation. From here, you can feel free to manage actions like translating by machine, editing target translation manually then your customers can view your website in their preferred language translation as you wish.


Translate target translation

Preview target language translation

Edit target language translation

Find and replace translation content

Delete target language translation

Translate target language

Please be advised that just turn ON Basic language to get this language published and translated by AI Machine system. And only Advanced language, you can manage and edit the translation manually in-app.

Languages --> Choose target language that you want to translate (Advanced) --> Click on Manage button

Then choose the page you want to translate --> click on Translate button to translate

OR you could bulk action to translate some pages at once --> select pages you want to translate --> Bulk action button --> Translate

To translate a specific product page, please click on Product Resource type --> choose product pages that you want to translate --> click on Translate button to translate

OR you could bulk action to select many product pages to translate at once --> Bulk action button --> click Translate

Select element/section in the popup that you want to translate --> Translate button

At default, all elements in the popup are unselected so you need to tick on the wanted elements before translating.

In each page detail of any resource type, you can also bulk action to translate/re-translate many or all elements at once.

Example: Product --> tick to select elements --> Bulk action button --> click Translate

Preview target language translation

You could preview the language translation on product page by:

Click on Translation --> Manage translation --> select Target language --> choose Product in Resource type

Choose a specific product page that translated --> click on Eye icon --> direct you to that product page --> you can select language on switcher to preview the translation on store.

Edit target language translation

Similarly, at Language menu, choose target language that you want to edit the translation --> click on Manage button

OR directly go to Translation --> Manage translation --> select target language in dropdown list of Target language --> choose the page you want to edit

Please click here to learn more.


You can use Editor tool in-app to bold/underline/hyperlink, insert image, etc for your description translation.

Please be noted that the app uses Editor tool outside and they only support Latin characters so we recommend you should save the file name with Latin characters before uploading. Otherwise, it might pop the notification below

For inserted image size limit is maximum 10MB

Find and replace translation content

From now, besides searching default content, you can search any translation text to find and replace by another translation content that you want easily in our app. For more details, check out here.

Delete target language translation

You can choose to delete a target language translation or bulk delete many target language translations at once for resource types or for all elements in each page detail.

For more details, please refer to this article.


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Updated on: 19/11/2023

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