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Transcy - How can I mark as Translated status for my elements in app?

Besides Bulk actions such as Translate, Delete translation, Replace translated content, you can mark as Translated status for any element(s) in a page resource to manage your translation better and easier in case you already edited new default content of elements but don't want to edit/update new translation for those elements while the status are still in Partially translated.

When there is any new change on a default content, there will a notification in app to notice you can mark as Translated status for its translation like this.

So just go to Translation --> Manage translation --> choose page resource --> check and select elements --> Filter by status

Filter Partially translated - AI translation or Manual translation

Action --> choose Mark as translated

Select target languages that you want to mark those elements translation as Translated status

As a result, it will show the translation status of those elements as Translated instead of Partially translated. More details about all translation statuses, please check out here.


AI translation = translated by machine. Manual translation = manual Edit

Besides AI translation, Manual translation, the app define Expert translation status as manually translated contents by Expert service.

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Updated on: 28/09/2023

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