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Transcy - How can I set up language in app?

This article will guide you step-by-step how to set up a target language in addtion to your store's default language, which will make an impression on your customers when they visit your store and also they can shop at your store in any of their preferred target languages.

Firstly, you need to go through steps below to set up your languages properly in the app, then manage the translation completely, at the last you can professionalize the way the language is displayed on Switcher so your customers can switch to their favorite language by switcher and then view your website in their preferred translation.


What is default language and target language?

How to set up target language?

What is Third-party app translation function? (optional)

How to customize the target language display on switcher?

What is default language and target language?

Default language is the main language you set for your store on Shopify. Your visitors will see this language if their preferred local language isn't available. Transcy will use this language as the first language to translate into other target languages.

Target language is the language you wish to add to your website besides your store default language so that your targeted customers could view your store easily in their local language.

In Transcy, we support 2 types of language including Basic and Advanced language, for more details on these 2 target language types, please check out here.

You could feel free to choose any language type that they want to use for target language translation.

You can switch between 2 types of the target language (Advanced, Basic) depending on your current plan limitation. At default, target language always be Unpublished status.

How to set up target language?

Add target language

- Translation menu >> Manage language >> click on Add target language
- Choose Type of target language that you want to add


Click on Add target language button in Languages section
Choose Advanced language type
Select the desired target language
Select a corresponding market to assign Advanced language (required to set up Market)
Click on Add button.

* You will be required to assign each Advanced language to corresponding market that you have created in Shopify Market. Otherwise, you won't be able to add those Advanced languages to the app and the Add button is dissable.

* The app will base on your market selection when adding target language in order to sync data with Shopify Market so please kindly check carefully this step. The list of markets in-app are collected from markets in Shopify admin.

* To edit market or domain setting in details, you should go back to your Shopify admin or get Shopify support for further advice


Click on Add target language button in Languages section
Choose Basic language type
Select the desired target language
Click on Add button.


* Please be advised that Target languages which are already added in Advanced language will not be able to add to Basic language list and vice versa.

Publish/unpublish language

- After adding target language, please turn ON the button to publish target language on switcher and be able to show its translation on store-front

- Kindly be noticed that Basic language will be translated by AI so just publish language to get store automatically translated without any other action. For Advanced language, please go to Manage translation in app to get whole store translated completely.

Please note that Unpublish action does not reduce the target language number limitation.

Besides, you can manage other actions to your target language such as Search, Sort, Pin, Switch between language types, Remove, Bulk action

-- Sort --

-- Pin, Switch between language types, Remove --

-- Bulk action --

With bulk Publish, you can publish many target languages at once but you can only publish target languages according to the Language number limit (Advanced, Basic) in your current plan. If you reach the limit, you will see this popup and can't bulk publish so please kindly uncheck some and select target languages suitable with your plan limit.

With bulk Remove, you can select many target languages at the same time or select All and bulk remove at once. Please kindly check carefully before doing Remove action. There will be a popup to confirm before you remove target language.

What is Third-party app translation function?

"Third-party app translation" will help to translate contents which are built from 3rd-party apps automatically, please click here to learn more.

You can select option Enable/Disable Third-party app translation function to translate or prevent 3rd-party apps elements from translating by this function.

Third-party app translation function use the same AI technique with Basic language type so you just select this function for your Advanced language type if needed. In case you want to manage Advance language translation personally, you can go ahead to manage it in Manage translation menu.

How to customize the target language display on switcher?

Finally, you can customize the look and feel of the target language on Switcher so your customers can easily select and switch to their preferred language.

Please note that the step below is to just customize the language appearance on Switcher, please make sure that you have already activated and set up Switcher properly.

In Language Settings tab in Manage language, you can opt for "Automatically translate Third-party apps as default" for all newly added target Advanced languages.

Please note that the "Automatically translate Third-party apps as default" button is OFF as default.

Additionally, in Language settings you can customize language names (English name, Short name, Native name) and flags as your wish for each target language added or Reset to default if you want. For more details, please check out here.

Hope this would be helpful.


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Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat in-app or email us at

Updated on: 19/11/2023

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