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Transcy - How does Auto Switch Language function work, and what is the best way to set it up?

Depending on conditions which you choose with Customer browser's language or Customer's location, customer can see a specific language on his/her side.

Set up Auto switch language

Store default language: visitor will view store under store default language.

Please turn on Auto switch language button to see other detected language options. If the detected language is not one of your target languages, your store will be displayed in store default language.

Customer browser's language: Transcy app will auto-detect visitor’s browser language to display responsive language switcher.
Customer's location: Transcy app will auto-detect visitor’s locations based on his/her country to display responsive language switcher.

If you are selling products internationally, we do recommend you:

Set English as your store default language, and other local languages as Target because English can be understood by most users.
Go to Switcher menu --> General --> Geolocation --> Enable Auto switch language and choose Customer's location --> Save, because not 100% users will use local language in their browsers.

For example, you want to set up Portuguese for visitors from Brazil automatically, and English for other visitors, make sure you have Portuguese (Brazil) in Target language list, and choose option Customer's location.

Otherwise, if you think your users are from one country only, feel free to set local language as Store default language.

Besides, we have 2 options called "Location recommendations" and "Location selectors in Switcher" which make it easy for visitors to pick and select their local language/currency based on auto country detection as well as help you control the redirection of visitors that matches your markets properly.

Location recommendations: Detect the visitor's location IP to show the popup and the recommended country that matches their current location (the list of recommended countries is based on the active markets that the user set up in Shopify). Along with the recommended country, it will suggest a corresponding language and currency on the popup.

Location selectors in Switcher: Switcher shows the information of current country/location that visitor is shopping in so that the visitor can choose and change at any time. When visitor clicks change country → show the list of market country of store for visitor to choose → Visitor chooses country → reload the page and show the language, currency corresponding to the location of the visitor selected.

Location recommendation Popup

Location selectors in switcher (Show visitor's current country information and Change country button)


* Recommendation Popup is only visible when visitor comes from countries in Primary Market and Other Markets. That means it will not show the popup when the visitor is from country different from countries in Other Markets and Primary Market or those markets are inactive.

* If store owner set the option "Primary domain only" in Other market setting. All settings of that Other market will be redirected to the same setting of Primary market. Thus, when visitors come from country in that Other market, Recommendation popup will show the same suggested country/language/currency with Primary market.

* The list of suggested countries on popup are countries in Primary Market and Other Market.

* As a priority, the popup will suggest the language and currency specified in Geolocation setting if it matches the visitor's location. In case you have not added, published and assigned target language/currency for respective target country in Geolocation setting, it will suggest the default language/currency according to your Shopify market that you set up (Primary market or Other market based on visitor's location). Therefore, we recommend that you check and set the responsive language/currency in Geolocation setting to be the same as the default language/currency in Other Market for best result.

* The list of suggested languages includes both Advance languages and Basic languages (if available) in the published status. And Advance languages are already set up in Shopify Market. Similarly to the list of suggested currencies, it should be published and specified for Shopify market.

* All features in Geolocation only works for Transcy's switcher. We recommend you should set up our switcher to use the function most effectively.

More details about Geolocation setting, please follow the below guidance.


You can feel free to set up or custom a local language option that you want your target customers see your website in their preferred local language in case their country use a variety of different languages as local/native language (multilingual country)

Switcher menu --> General --> Geolocation --> Settings

We cooperate with a 3rd-partner who use auto IP Detect tool to detect popular official languages in each country/location that most people will use them as their national languages in their location. Please check out here for the list of all locations with corresponding languages, currencies that our detect tool support.

In Setting, it will show you all 246 locations along with the list of supported languages and currencies so you can choose and set up a language/currency as you want them auto displayed on your customer's side.

Example: Your main customers in Singapore and you already added Tamil as your target language in-app also translated this language. As you know Singapore has 4 popular languages Chinese, English, Malay, and Tamil. Transcy provide all languages in the supported list under Assigned language section and this list contains 4 languages Chinese, English, Malay, and Tamil so you can select Tamil as the local language that you want customers in Singapore to see your website in their preferred local language automatically.

Please note that for this setting to work, users have to add the language they want to automatically display as the target language, and have it translated.

You can reset local language to default

Also, you can bulk action for reset local language (currency) or both ones to default

You can assign a specific language/currency to many locations at the same time

You can find and search Customer's location, Assigned language, Assigned currency on Search bar easily.

The same rule and action to currency, you can select a local currency in the list as you want it's auto displayed on customer's side in this Setting.

Please note that only users from Basic plan and higher plan can configure this Setting.

If you need some more helps, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

Updated on: 28/09/2023

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