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Transcy - How to edit default titles and translate them on Location popup

From now on, you can easily edit all default contents (titles) on switcher, not only texts like “Language”, “Currency”, “Search”, “Apply” on switcher as this article, but also quickly be able to edit default texts on Location recommendation popop and Change country poup.

For more details on what's Location recommendation popup and Change country popup, you can check out here.

Furthermore, you can translate and manage the translation of below titles in the app by just few steps and make your own translation as your wish.

Steps to manage text/title translation:

Translation menu --> Manage translation --> Manual synced section --> Themes resource

Theme resource --> Transcy switcher --> from there you can choose Recommendation popup or Change country resource to manage the translation

Hope this would be useful for you!

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Updated on: 28/09/2023

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