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Transcy - How to format currency

In Currency settings, there are 3 parts including the list of all target currencies, Converted price format section, and Other settings. This article will walk you through each section to understand step by step how to adjust target currency format, rounding rule, exchange rate via Transcy app easily.

Please be advised that this only helps to adjust settings related to target currency via the app, for default currency which is managed directly by Shopify system so please kindly contact Shopify support for better advice.


How to adjust converted price format

How to adjust rounding price

How to adjust the exchange rate

Other settings

How to adjust converted price format

Go ahead to Currency menu --> Currency Settings

From Converted price format section, you can choose the way to display the converted price (target currency) on your store through formats like symbol, code and apply this format to all target currencies by default.

After setting up the converted price format, let's move on to next step to adjust rounding price.

How to adjust rounding price

On the top page, there is a list of all currencies including the default currency on the first list. You can filter out target currencies that you have added to the app.

From there, you can select the rounding rule for each target currency (Round off, round up, round down, custom rounding) by clicking on Edit button on a specific currency that you want to set up. Then there will be an expanded table and show you all options to round price.

(*) Round up: This would round the decimals to a given value.


Default currency in USD: $10

Converted currency in EUR: €8.89

Your customer will see: €9

(*) Round down: this would remove any digit appearing after the decimal point.


Default currency in USD: $10

Converted currency in EUR: €8.89

Your customer will see: €8

(*) Custom: put any digit after the decimal point that you want to custom


As a result, the price at AUD is A$79.95

You can set the rounding rule for many target currencies in bulk.

When doing bulk apply Rounding rule, you can exclude some target currencies that you don't want to apply Default rounding rule, there will be an extra option so you can select currency to exclude.

Please note that this option "Do not set for" only appears when you select all currencies to apply Rounding rule in Bulk action.

In case you want to adjust the exchange rate of target currency, please follow the next step.

How to adjust the exchange rate

On the list of all target currencies, you can adjust exchange rate of each target currency by tapping Edit button on any specific currency, it will show an expanded table then you can select the exchange rate option that you want.

We provide 2 options for the exchange rate: Auto exchange rate which use Transcy's service from a 3rd-party provider and Manual exchange rate which you can configure exchange rate by yourself.


* When you reset to default, it will reset all settings to default setting of Transcy and use Auto exchange rate of Transcy's service.

* Auto exchange rate is updated daily according to this system based on GMT+7

* Please advise that you can't change exchange rate and auto rounding rule of default currency.

* For reference, Transcy use USD as ideal exchange rate unit to compare to target currencies. So you cannot edit the exchange rate of USD manually.

Other settings

On the bottom page is an additional section that you can select (optional) if you want, including "Show original price when hover" and "Show notification on cart page". Please check it out here for more details.


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Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

Updated on: 19/11/2023

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