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Transcy - How to manage currency


After setting currency code, there will be a Target Currency Setup table shown. Now you can manage (Add/Edit/Delete), and customize how your currency will be displayed on your Switcher in Settings.

Add Target currency

Click on Add Target Currency

Select your target currencies in our 167 supported currency list

Click on Add

If you reach the limit of target currency number in your plan then you will not be able to add more target currency and see this message to notice that. For more limits on per plan, click here.

Search Target currency

You can search target currency that you want to find on Search bar

Pin/Unpin/Remove Target currency

Do other actions like Pin, Unpin, Remove target currency

Each page contains a maximum of 10 target currencies. Newest added currencies will be shown on the 1st page, old ones will be next pages.

NOTE: When you click Pin, the latest pinned Currency will go to the top of the list. The display order of currency in Switcher will follow the list in-app.

With removing, you can bulk remove many target currencies at once by select target currencies that you want (or Select all) --> Remove and then click on Confirm message.

Publish/Unpublish target currency

You can bulk Publish/Unpublish many target currencies or all at once.

Please note that when you add a target currency, its status will be Unpublish as default.

Sort target currencies

You can sort target currencies according to Status (Publish/Unpublish) or Exchange rate type (Auto/Manual). For Exchange rate type, please check out here.

View result

You could view your page to see the result as well as scroll down or search any your target currency on the Switcher like this. That also helps your customer find/ select their local currency easily and quickly.

The order of kinds of currency in Target Currency list in-app would be the same order as your currency on Switcher. List of supported currencies can be found here.

You might see a new status "Market" added in Currency menu which indicates your target currency is set up for your Shopify Market yet or not. More details can be found here.

Click here for more details on how to format currency


How to set up Currency in Transcy app

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Updated on: 28/09/2023

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