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Transcy - How to translate content from third-party apps with Third-party app function?

To cover the content from 3rd-party apps that has not been translated and edited by Transcy, the app will automatically translate those parts with "Auto dynamic translation" called Third-party app function (for Advanced and Basic language type).

When you enable Third-party app function, contents from front-end 3rd-party apps such as widgets, review box, offer box, notification bar, etc will be automatically translated on your store.


Please take a look at below for more benefits that this function brings out as well as which apps supported to translate:

You could easily translate all contents on the review box of Review apps (not using iframe) such as, etc. However, hot news we've integrated successfully with Ali Reviews which using iframe. We're working on to get integration with more Review apps.
Help you translate all contents on Page Builder apps such as EComposer quickly.
Also support to translate marketing front-end apps such as Free Shipping Bar, Quick Announcement Bar smoothly.

Please note that not all 3rd-party apps can be auto translated by this function due to technical and integration limit.


Please be advised that our app will automatically detect what content is from third party and translate it properly. However, because of the theme limit as the content from the third party, it does not allow our app to edit the translation from these third-party apps so you might not find contents from third-party app to edit its translation in our app.
Sorry for this inconvenience.
However our Dev team is working on it to research and contact 3rd-party apps such as Page builder, Quick Announcement Bar to get fully integration so we can collect their contents to our Edit function as soon as possible then will keep you posted. Please stay tuned.

You can select option Enable/Disable Third-party app translation function to translate or prevent translating elements/contents that built from your 3rd-party apps.

Note that you can only disable Third-party app translation function for Advanced languages and this feature is only available from Basic plan. In case you want to disable Third-party app translation function for your Basic language, sorry it's impossible in-app so please switch to Advanced language type to use this function


There is a Settings tab in Language menu, so you can set up Automatically Translate Third-party apps as default for all newly added target languages (only apply for Advanced language) by turn on the button there or you can get back main menu - Language to choose specific target languages that you want to enable this function.

Please note that the "Automatically Translate Third-party apps as default" button is turn off as default.


What is the Third-party app resource in Transcy?

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat in-app or email us at

Updated on: 28/09/2023

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