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Transcy integrate with Ali Reviews

We would love to inform you that we've successfully integrated with Ali Reviews - Top outstanding reviews app on Shopify store.

With this integration, we support translating iframe Ali reviews content easily through Transcy app.

So you will easily find Ali Reviews app in Integration list.

There will be 2 integration levels with Ali Reviews (Basic and Advance). Please refer to this link for better understanding Basic integration and Advance integration

What contents Transcy support to translate in Ali Reviews

Basic integration:

Only translate reviews contents on storefront but CANNOT manage/edit the translation of review contents in Transcy.

Ex: Can translate the review contents and the date of reviews (Not translate the customer name)

Advance integration:

Can translate and EDIT the translation of below contents in Review widget on all pages such as:

“review” text next to the star on product, collection, homepage
Full Customize texts in review widget
Date of review
Sort by filter
Title of review widget
Review date and “Recently” text on Review pop

Ex: “Reviews” text

Ex: Full contents inside Customize text in Review widget

Ex: Title of review widget and date of review

Ex: Sort by filter

Ex: Review date and “Recently” text on Review pop

* Please note that you can only edit translation of above Ali Review app contents when you use Advance language type

NOTE: To edit original reviews contents in detail or further modify, please go back to Ali Reviews app for better management.

How to enable the integration

Please check and make sure that you already installed Ali Reviews app and set up the review widget as well as imported reviews on your store

Go to Transcy app → Integration menu → Find Ali Reviews app → If Ali Reviews app is installed, this box will be auto ticked

After you have done the above steps, Ali Reviews is integrated successfully.

Manage the translation of Ali Review content


Basically, when you enable Third-party app function for your target language, contents on the Ali Review widget should be translated automatically without any action. Please make sure that you have published target languages on your store.

However, with only Advance language type, you can edit and manage the translation in Manage Content.

Edit the translation

Please note that you can edit the translation of contents in Advance integration level

From Translation menu → Manage ContentTranscy integration resource → click app to open Third-party app page in detail

Click on Ali Reviews app → find available elements such as "review" text, title of review widget that you want to edit → Edit translation → Save.

Or you can click Translate by our machine there if you want.

Hope this helps you a lot.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

Updated on: 13/01/2023

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