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Transcy - Understand about translation statuses in app

In each page/element listed in Manage translation, Transcy will show you all statuses of translation of target language

There are 4 main translation statuses you may see on Status column including Partially translated, Untranslated, Translated, Translating.

You can overview all statuses on all pages of a Target language in Resource type

Or view status on each page in details. For example Product page by clicking on Product in Resource type then check the translation status of each product page.

Also, we provide Search function here which can help you to find items/products quickly and Sort by Status of translation easily.

NOTE: In case you translate many pages at once so the progress might take some minutes to complete the translation. At that moment, you might see this Waiting status in-app. Please kindly keep patience waiting until the progress finished.

Also, in case you delete a target language translation for a certain page/resource in-app, you will see Deleting status in Manage translation. For more details about Delete action, please check out here.


Translated: element/section/page has been translated successfully
Translating: being in progress and uncompleted
Partially translated: section/page has been translated before, but there are some parts/elements in that section/page still have not been translated completely, or default content is already updated/changed recently so they need to be re-translated to update the new translation.
Untranslated: has no action for translation yet OR new contents of some pages recently have been synced from Shopify, so they are still not translated yet.
Waiting: pages in queue to translate
Deleting: removing the language translation of a page/resource or many pages/resources.

Updated on: 19/11/2023

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