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Transcy - What happen if I delete the target language?

You could delete the target language by clicking on the Remove button on the target language that you want.

But please be advised that once target languages are translated in the app, deleting action of these target languages will not be able to restore the target language translation. The translation of target language will be removed out of our database and Shopify system as well and can't revert.

This is also disconnect the language (Advanced language) from your Market. Click here to learn more Shopify Market vs Transcy.

And you will see this popup to confirm before you decide to delete a target language.

You can bulk action to Delete translation:

Bulk select resource types --> Delete translation.

Example: Bulk select Collection page, Product page to delete Vietnamese translation at once.

Please kindly check target language that you want to delete its translation carefully and there is a Confirmation popup before you do this action. Also, you can select and choose other target languages that you want to delete the translation at once too.

Also, in case you bulk delete translation which contains elements in product pages, you can select which element you want to delete translation such as product name, description, SEO title, SEO description, URL, Options, Variant in bulk from product pages too.

Bulk select page in multi-page resource --> Delete translation

Bulk action to delete translation of all elements in page detail of any page type.

Example: Product page, select elements then click on Bulk action --> Delete translation

Please note that you can't process to translate language at the time to delete translation.

You can see the Delete progress status to know when it's finished completely in Manage Content section

Hope this helps you clear.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat in-app or email us at

Updated on: 19/11/2023

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