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Transcy - What happen if I remove or unpublish currency in the app?

In some cases you want to remove or unpublish some specific target currencies from your store as well as on switcher, you can do that easily in the app.

Please be adivised that there are 2 actions to Remove currency in-app with its different purposes including:

Remove/Unpublish target currency from the store and on switcher completely:

- Go to Localization menu --> press Manage button --> then you'll be directed to Language and Currency settings page, from there you can hover on a specific target currency --> click on Remove button to remove that target currency so your customer won't see price converted in that target currency anymore.

- In case you don't want to remove it completely, you can just hit Unpublish button. Then those target currencies are still saved in our app but they will be hidden on switcher and on store-front so your customer can't also see the price converted into those target currencies.

- In case the currency that you unpublish/remove is the default currency of some specific markets, there are will some notification/popups that you'll be noticed like example below.

Example: You set AUD as default currency of International market in Shopify setting. At the beginning, you just need to add and publish AUD currency in Localization menu in app. So you can see it'll mark "default" label on AUD currency to indentify it as the default currency of this market.

After that you hit Unpublish/Remove this AUD currency unintentionaly or by mistake in Language and Currency settings page.

You'll see a notification to notify that you can only do this action directly in Shopify market.

Remove a target currency out of a particular market:

After setting up language and currency with Shopify market in Localization menu, later then you change your mind and want to remove a target currency out of a specific market so you can do that in Localization menu.

Click on a specific market that you want to remove a target currency out of this market --> choose a target currency that you want to remove --> open 3 dots icon --> from there you can manage to remove the selected target currency completely from this market.

Please note that you cannot remove market's default currency in Localization menu but you can only do that directly in Shopify market setting. In case you change the default currency of a specific market in Shopify settings, the old default currency of that market will be counted as a normal target currency and will be published/unpublished according to your current plan limit.

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Updated on: 21/12/2023

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