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Transcy - What is "Auto update translation" function and how to set up?

You already translated whole your store in target languages completely but later then you might have added more pages or changed some new contents on those translated pages, the Auto update translation function or called "Auto translate" will help you a lot in updating the new translation for those new contents already changed promptly.

This article helps to walk you through in detail on how to set up this function.



How to set up Auto update translation

Process rule


Please be noticed that there are some page type limitations on per plan to use Auto translate. Please click here to learn more.

Auto translate for PRODUCT and COLLECTION at least in GROWTH plan and higher.

Auto translate for OTHER PAGES is available from PREMIUM and higher.

Please follow the limitation on the number of page added to set up Auto Translate function

GROWTH: add up to 10 Product pages, 10 Collections pages

PREMIUM: add up to 100 Products pages, 100 Collection pages and 100 Other resources

ENTERPRISE: unlimited pages for each resource

CUSTOM: you can buy more resource quota to get a custom plan that fits your specific needs. Please click here to learn more specific limit on per plan.

How to set up Auto update translation

Example: You have changed the product title of a product page in Shopify (default language) and already set up Auto translate function for that product page, the app will detect new content of the product title and translate that new title automatically to update your product translation in target languages.

Go to Translation menu --> Auto Translate --> click on Set up now

Choose the target language you want to set up Auto translate

Choose Page type that you want to set up then add to the list

Publish added pages in list to make Auto translate work

Below is steps to set up Auto update translation for Product page, you can refer to do the same step for Collection and Other pages.

>> Click on Set up product pages button

>> Select your preferred products in the Search bar then Add to Auto translate list --> Apply

Please note that you can enable Auto sync button to get any change on selected product page to be synced and translated automatically.

>> Finally, publish the added page in Auto translate list to apply the progress.


(*) Other resources with multiple pages (such as Blog Posts, Blog Groups), you can select individually or all pages that you want to add.

(*) You can find a specific page by Search bar also View details or Publish/Unpublish/Remove or bulk action many resources at the same time.

(*) In case you bulk remove many pages (Products/Collections/Other pages), there will be a popup to confirm this action.

In case downgrading plan, page's status will be Unpublish by default, you need to publish the page according to your plan limitation to make it active with Auto Translate function. Click here to learn more function limit on per plan and check here about cases in upgrading/downgrading plan.

You can only publish Product/Collection/Other page to Auto Translate list according to your added Page number limit on each plan. For instance, you're in Growth plan, you can add up to 10 Product pages and 10 Collection pages to Auto Translate list, so you can only publish the Page number based on this limit. If you reach the limit, you can't add/publish more. In this case, we recommend you should upgrade to a higher plan to get more pages published or buy more resource quota to extend the limit.


You can't add more when you reach the limit in Growth plan.

You can't publish more when you reach the limit in Growth plan.

Example: In case you're in Premium plan and get the limit reached with 100 Collection pages published in the Auto Translate list for instance. So you can't add/publish more in this case, please reselect and only publish pages that you need on your website. We recommend you should upgrade to a higher plan to get more pages published or buy more resource quota to extend the limit.

You can't add more when you reach the limit in Premium plan.

You can't publish more when you reach the limit in Premium plan.

Auto translate settings

- Last but not least, you can re-check all actions that you have set for Auto update translation or change related settings later in "Auto translate settings".

- There are Advanced languages that you have set up previously in your language setting so you could select favorite languages to keep its translation updated constantly.

- Pages including products/collections/other resources that you've added in Auto translate list will be applied for selected Advanced languages.

Process rule

When Product page, Collection page, Other resource are added in Auto Translate list and Advanced languages are set up in Auto Translate Setting already, Advanced languages translation on those pages will be updated automatically if any changes or new contents are found on default language version.

For Other resource, the app will auto update the translation for page(s) added in Auto translate list when:

You press Sync data from Shopify button (Manual sync action) after changing default contents on those pages. The system will detect the new change then update the translation.

OR when our system has done with Daily Sync, and detected any new content on those pages, the translation of Advanced languages which are set up in Auto Translate Setting will be updated as well. Please click here for more details about Sync action.

Please be advised that according to our rule, our system will set a certain time of day to run Daily sync automatically. So if you do not find any content updated in-app yet after changing new default content, please kindly wait some time then our system will scan, detect the new content and update it to the app.

We hope that helps you much.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at

Updated on: 19/11/2023

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