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Transcy - What is Target language, Basic and Advanced language type?

This article will help you understand the definition of target language, Basic and Advanced language type, so you can choose the right language type for your store needs to start setting up language.


What is target language?

What target language type is supported in Transcy?

What is target language?

- Target language is the language you wish to add to your website besides your store default language so that your customers could view your store easily in their preferred language by selecting a target language on Switcher.

- Default language is the language you set for your store on Shopify. Your visitors will see this language at default if their preferred language (target language) isn't available. Transcy will use this language as the first language to translate into targeted languages.

What target language type is supported in Transcy?

In Transcy, we define 2 types of language: Basic and Advanced language.

Basic language which uses google.translate.js (AI) to translate your website automatically when visitor change language by switcher on store-front. It is unable to edit the translation for basic languages. You just publish this language by turning ON the button to get your store automatically translated.

Please be advised that the checkout page can't be translated by Basic language due to some technical limits of this language type.

Advanced language: which uses source from Shopify so you can control, manage the translation manually in the app of all pages including the checkout page. The maximum limit of target language number which you can add to the app is 20 languages (this is also the maximum limit of Shopify).

- When you switch to any Advanced target language on switcher, it will create a suffix with the locale at the end of store URL. For example, when you add English as Advanced language and published it on switcher, your website URL will look like this.


- For Advanced language type, you need to assign language to market to configure with Shopify market properly so please check this article for more details then follow this guidance to manage the translation of Advanced langugage in the app.

Please be advised that the target language number (Basic, Advanced) allowed to add to the app also varies per Transcy plan. Please click here to learn more specific limitation.

When you're using 2 types language, you can switch Target language from Advanced language to Basic language type and vice versa. Please click here to learn more specific limitation on per plan.

After setting up target language, all target languages (Advanced, Basic) will be shown up on Transcy language switcher, so your customers can select a target language that they prefer and view your store on that target language version.


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Updated on: 19/11/2023

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