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Transcy - Why can't I switch target language to Advanced language type or add more target language in Basic plan?

Please be advised that this is the plan limitation in Basic plan - users are only allowed to add and publish 2 Basic languages OR 1 Basic language and 1 Advanced language.
So you can't switch target language from Basic to Advanced and vice versa in case you have reached 1 Advanced language.

For example: If you have already 1 Advanced language in-app. You can't switch one more target language from Basic language to Advanced language type. You will see this popup to notice.

If you've already added more than 1 target language for Advanced language or Basic language in a higher plan before (e.g. Growth plan or Premium plan), then you have downgraded to Basic plan, in this case:

The app still keep target languages (Advanced, Basic language) that you have added before in our app list. But you can only publish 1 target language for Advanced language OR total 2 target languages for Basic language on switcher.

You can't add more target language for Advanced language/Basic language and will meet this popup to notice when clicking on Add target language button

Also, you can't publish more Advanced language/Basic language if you've reached the target language number limit.

For other plans, they will follow the same rule above if you downgrade from a HIGHER plan to a LOWER plan, the target language and its function will be limited according to per plan limitation.

NOTE: Please be advised that after downgrading plan from a higher plan to lower plan, the language status will be back as Unpublish at default.

For other specific limit on each plan, please refer to this article for more details.


What will happen when I upgrade/downgrade plan in Transcy?

Updated on: 21/12/2023

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