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In this version update, we would like to inform you that we will have some important changes on pricing plan as the following:

Premium plan will be no longer available in pricing plan.

However, if you're an old Premium user, we still save all your data (including current Available words) but you will be suggested to approve Essential plan at the end of your current billing cycle via a popup in the app and/or official email to start your new Essential plan instead of Premium plan.

Besides Free plan is still available, in this new pricing plan, we only offer 2 paid plans now including Starter plan and Essential plan with specific functions, limitation as well as pricing changes below.

FREE plan:
Unblock all pages enable to translate
Able to convert up to 167 currencies
Unblock Edit translation function
Able to customize Switcher style
Auto switch currency by location

Unblock Third-party element translation
Able to convert up to 167 currencies

New price $39.9/month
Available words limit in 250,000 words for new users.
Automatically bonus 50,000 words monthly (this offer will start to be applied after 30 days of choosing the Essential plan and will be automatically added to your Available words at the end of every billing cycle)

Like the old Premium users, we still save all data (including current Available words) for all old Essential users. Additionally, you also have 50,000 words automatically added to your Available words every month. In case your 50,000 words still left in the last month, you can continue using these remaining words in the next month and of course are still offered continuously new 50,000 words.

For more detail about all features and limitation on per plan, please refer to this article.
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