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Media Translation is one of our outstanding functions in this first version 1.0.

You could feel free to upload your own favorite image in multiple target languages that you've prepared easily and quickly just a few simple steps.

Making various content on your store including text and image updated with multiple languages version by yourself to get more attraction to international customers then get more sales.

You could edit media translation in product pages and collection pages just some simple steps as this article.

Also, you could edit media translation in other pages such as homepage, blog, etc in Replace Media easily, please take a look at this article


This function is only available in Essential.

More details about our pricing and other features, please check here.

So please check your current plan and quickly upgrade to this plan to have such this awesome feature now

Image limitations

In Replace Media, you can only add maximum 20 images.


When you reach 20 images uploaded at the first time, you will see the image balance looks like this picture when you add the 20th image.

Then you will not be able to click on Add image to add more.

But no worries, just delete the old ones then you could continue adding new images to replace normally as long as you are still within 20 images limit per upload.

After you delete old ones, you could add more images by the following steps:

Click on Add image button

Copy default image link on your store page (please refer to our tips).
Paste the link into the tab > Submit > Next > Save

From there, you could also delete/replace another image link for your target languages easily, just click on the arrow icon.

Then choose your image on which target language that you want to delete/replace.

Hope this helps you much.


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