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Translated Words

This is the amount of words which have been translated in your store.
This quantity will always increase according to sections/pages/elements you want to translate, and will never be decreased even though you have removed some translated elements from your store. In another way, this number is counted historically.

Available words

This is the amount of words still available for translation on your current plan.
It will be calculated as the following formula:

Available word = [Maximum number of words on your current plan (including 50,000 words offered every month if you're Essential plan) - Translated words] + Extra words in your Buy more words package. (if any)


Below are 2 examples to help you understand about these 2 keywords if you are going to downgrade plan.

Case 1

You were in Essential plan (250,000 words) and translated 60,000 words. Now you decide to downgrade to Starter plan (limited to 100,000 words).

=> Your Available Words will equal to 100,000 - 60,000 = 40,000 words

Note: Of course, in case your 50,000 words bonus in the last month still left, they will still be saved in your Available words when you downgrade to the Starter plan. But once you have downgraded to the Starter plan, you will not be offered 50,000 words bonus monthly anymore

Case 2

You were in Essential plan (250,000 words) and translated 250,000 words as well as used 50,000 words offered in the current month. If you don't want to wait until the next month to get the next 50,000 words bonus, you could downgrade to Starter plan to keep using the app with other functions. When you go to Starter plan:

=> Your Available Words in this case will be 0 because you have used over the maximum number of words for Starter plan (100,000 words).

In this case, if you still need to translate more words, you will need to buy extra words via one-time payment.

Hope this information might be helpful.

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