Recently Shopify has changed some rules on their system. In this update, they've found some small bugs unexpectedly that might affect to our functionalities or working process in few cases. Below are known bugs which we're noticed from Shopify system already.


We have a good news that Shopify have fixed the issues (1) (incorrect redirect), (2) & (3) related to Luxembourgish and Ewe language, and issue (6) Predictive search (showing variant titles in all languages at once) below. So now please try checking it again to see whether it works well.

When you click into a specific product from the translated URL like store domain/xx/collections/all (xx is a language code) then as a result it will redirect that product page showed at your default language instead of the xx language before.

This collection page is showing in Chinese language

After selecting a product from the collection page then the product page will be redirected at store default language is English.

Please take a look at our video for an example

As you know Ewe language is unsupported in Transcy yet. So you will be noticed like this when you select this language in Add Target language in app

In case you have enabled or added Ewe language (language code 'ee') in Shopify admin before. Our system will call and sync this language data from Shopify to the app.

Then you will see that it can be added in our target language list but is locked and you cannot translate as well as save the Ewe translation manually in app.

You will see Error messages like these in app when trying to translate or edit/save the translation in Ewe language

The reason behind is the attempt to create a locale named 'ee.json' gives an 'invalid locale name' in Shopify. So you cannot find 'ee.json" file at Locales section in Theme (Shopify admin > Online Store > Custom > Action > Edit code). This is a known bug from Shopify system.

As the same problem with the above case for Luxembourgish (lb) language, the translation creation is not working. If you try to translate this language and save it in the app, you will see this notification and cannot translate/edit Luxembourgish language on store

Problem with localized Thankyou page (checkout). When you click on Return to shopping button, it will take you to the homepage at your default language without a language prefix (for example /fr). Also, checkout section in Settings (Shopify) doesn't contain that part.

Gift_cards page not being localizable.
In case you set up and create a Gift card code to reward your valuable customer. When your customer receive this code via email, they will be routed to the Gift card page like this picture. And of course, it's showed at default language.


Predictive search
When you search a product on Search bar, it's showing variant titles in your all target languages at once instead of showing the selected language on Switcher.

For example: On my language Switcher has 2 languages is English and Japanese and that time point I'm on English page and search a product. As a result, it will show variant titles in both 2 languages like this picture instead of only English title

Recently, Shopify developer has found out an issue that the following objects
{{ link.current }}
{{ link.child_active }}
{{ }}
always return "false" on non-default language. This causes problems when building some menus and filters on non-default languages. So Shopify developer has reproduced this bug and still been in a deep investigation to fix it.

In case your default language is Spanish and use MXN currency, when you go to the checkout page, you will see the currency formatting incorrectly.
For example: The currency should be 1,200.50 MXN on the checkout page, instead it shows 1.200,50
This is the issue from Shopify and they're still checking further to fix it. Meanwhile, you could use a work-around as the below to solve it temporarily.

Go to Online store > Change theme language

Other language > Spanish > Spanish (United States)

At the moment, we're working with Shopify to resolve these issues asap and will keep you posted once we got any news from them.

Please feel free to reach out to us via live chat or email us at if you need any other support, we're willing to help.
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