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What does it mean message says "You've reached the limit of maximum advance language"?

Advance language type is a language source that's synchronized with Shopify and published on Shopify. The limit of maximum advance language number added on store is 20 target languages and it's Shopify's limitation.

In Transcy, we support Growth added up to 5 Advance languages and Premium plan users can set up to fully 20 additional target languages for Advance languages.

So if you have reached the limit of maximum 20 target languages of Advance language in Premium plan, you will see these popup to notice:

When you add more target language for Advance language:

In this case, we highly suggest you choose Basic language type to add more target languages instead.

When you switch/change target language from Basic to Advance language
Please be advised that the target language number added for Advance language varies on per Transcy plan. So in some cases, you might see this message when you reach the specific limit of your current plan.

When you reach the limit of maximum Advance language in Premium plan

Specific limit:


FREE: Unavailable
BASIC Only 1 Advance language
GROWTH: Maximum 5 Advance languages
PREMIUM: Maximum 20 Advance languages


FREE: Only 1 Basic language
BASIC Only 1 Basic language
GROWTH: Maximum 111 Basic languages
PREMIUM: Maximum 111 Basic languages

More other function limitation for per plan, please click here

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Updated on: 13/01/2023

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