You cannot access the app, and it's saying you need to level up your widget?

Do not worry. This article will tell you reasons why you need to upgrade to a new version of Ali Reviews.


In Sep 2019, we released a huge update in version 4.5, more detail can be found here. At that time, we still gave you an option to keep the old settings in case you did not want.

However, time flies, and we keep updating and improving our app with many new enhancements which cannot work properly with the old settings. Therefore, in order to use the app without any technical problem, and enjoy new coming features, you are required to update to the new version of Ali Reviews.

Three benefits of this update

- To use full functions of Ali Reviews which are not available in your current old version.

- To improve store performance: in the latest update, we have optimized and improved the loading speed of the review box which not only runs 30% faster comparing to the old one, but also improves the loading speed of your whole store in general.

- Based on our testing, with this update, Ali Reviews will become the one of the fastest Product Reviews app in the market.


After logging in to the app, you will be directed to Ali Reviews Dashboard, and it will show a pop-up to ask for Upgrading.

Just simply clicking on Level Up My Widget Now button, the app will be unblocked, and it will bring you to new app version within seconds. 

NOTE: Your old review box/rating star style/Display Setting will be reset, and applied the new one. This could not be rolled back.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at
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