I. What is Actual Speed

Simply, Actual Speed is how fast your pages load in reality.

As you can know several factors could impact your online store speed, including the following:


Third-party libraries and services

Analytic libraries

Theme code

The number and size of images and videos

With Swift, we help you optimize theme code and minimum the file size of images in a remarkable way.
Through advanced technique such as Lazy load image, Minify CSS files, Extract Critical CSS, Preload web fonts, Minify Javascript files to optimize your theme as well as using Smart Lossy Compression to optimize images on your store so that decrease the file size of images considerably, from that boost your store Actual Speed.

For more detail about how Swift optimize images and theme to boost your Actual Speed, please check here.

II. Which features and price available in Actual Speed

Premium plan with the price is $19/month with highlighted features below:

Compress image (free 1,000 images per month)

Image Smart Lossy Compression

Lazyload image

Minify CSS and Javascript

Critical CSS

Preload fonts

Automatic optimizations

24/7 Technical Support

Hope this helps you much.

To get more useful information about features and pricing plans available in Swift, please visit our article.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at support@perfectapps.io
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