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What is "Auto Switch Currency" based on location in Transcy?

To use Auto Switch Currency based on visitor's location:

Just go to Switcher menu --> General --> Geolocation --> Enable the button Auto switch currency and Save it

This function is available from Basic plan and higher plans.

For example:

Your store default currency is USD, and you enable this function in app already as well as set up target currencies successfully (including Japanese). A visitor from Japan landing on your product page, the app will detect her/his location (Japan) and show their local currency is JPY (Japanese yen) automatically.


Please be advised that Auto Switch Currency only work when it adapts the following conditions:

You have set up your target currencies already and these currencies must be in our supported currencies list here.

Customer/visitor's location is using one of your target currencies

In case you use Shopify Market, we highly recommend you set up Auto switch language by Customer's location together to have Location recommendations and Location selectors in Switcher feature which helps to auto detect visitor's location/country and suggest their corresponding language as well as currency properly according to each your specific market that set up in Shopify. Learn more here.


There is a Setting in Geolocation, to show all responsive languages/currencies detected by Transcy based on visitor's location.

You can feel free to set up or custom a local language/currency option that you want target customers see your website in their preferred local language and currency. More details, please check out here.

Please be advised that to make currency converted at the checkout page, you have to use Shopify Payment and already set up Shopify Market. More details, please click here.


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Updated on: 26/04/2023

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