We would love to bring out Auto Translate function, one more special feature to help you so much with updating translation for new contents or changes in existing product pages, collection pages and other pages automatically.

Please click here to learn more specific limit on per plan.

Just go to Automation > Auto Translate > click on Set up now


After you have set up your target languages translation successfully then you could add your preferred products/collections to Auto Translate list to keep all contents of them always up-to-date swiftly just some simple steps as the following:

Choose the target language you want to set up Auto translate

NOTE: At default, all target languages that you have added in Advance language will be selected in Setting. You can unselect and only choose target language that you want to update translation. And please make sure that your Advance languages already published.

Go ahead to Translation > Auto Translate > Product page or Collection page

Click on Add product pages button or Add Collection pages button

Product page:

Collection page:

Select your preferred products/collections in the Search bar then Add to Auto translate list > Apply

Product page:

Collection page:

Then you could search the product/collection title on Search bar to find the item you want and do action such as add more/remove or preview any product page/collection page in Auto translate list to check the result.

Product page:

Collection page:


Target languages: There are languages that you have set up before in your language setting so you could choose one or more options to keep your translation updated constantly.
New Pages: You could turn on or off "Auto translate new product pages" and "Auto translate new collection pages" to keep your favorite products or collection lists updated
Existing Pages: You could add more product pages to keep their translations always up to date by using Search bar > then click on "Add pages".

We hope that helps you much.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at support@fireapps.io
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