On this section, you are allowed for your orders to be automatically fulfilled without clicking on Order Products manually.

There are few settings you need to check before saving this setting since it's really important to be set because it's automated fulfillment.

Below are some helpful settings for the fulfillment that you might need to know:

Auto Captcha Solving on AliExpress: help you solve the Captcha at Payment step where you're about to complete the order. Now it is automatically.
Auto orders processing (Automatic Payment): Ali Orders can help you auto confirm the Payment if your credit card is already saved in your AliExpress account, you don't need to confirm one by one anymore. You can set a delay time between orders fulfillment to prevent bank limitation with online transaction.

Moreover, on this automated fulfillment, the fulfillment can be set to stop or skip to next orders if it's not met the requirement which are:

STOP options:

Total cost is higher than: when total cost which you have spent to fulfill order is more than what you have set.

Total order processed is higher than:  when the total of orders has been fulfilled which is over X

When there's no more orders to fulfill

SKIP options:

Shipping fee is higher than X

Product price is higher than X

Earning is lower than X (Earning = Total Product price (product price) - total product cost)

Order cannot be fulfilled: When order is not automatically completed (wrong address, the product is not in stock...)


This function is only available on PREMIUM plan.
These settings will be removed completely when you downgrade to FREE plan.

Reference: Video - Highlight Features For Premium User

If you have any concerns about this, please feel free to contact us via live chat or our email at support@fireapps.io
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