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Transcy not only help to translate all text contents on all pages easily but also support to translate media/ image on your website swiftly with Media Translate feature.

This feature is only available in Essential plan.

So let's upgrade to these plans to get this awesome feature now.

Or you could try free 7 days Premium trial to test out this feature.

With Media Translate, you could replace media/image for any product/collection or your own pages like Blogs to have their local versions in target languages on your website.

For Product Pages and Collection Pages, Transcy will auto-inspect elements of media (images/banners), and you just need to replace media for any product/collection you want to have their local versions in target languages.

For more details on how to translate media in product and collection pages, please take a look at this article

Not like Product Pages and Collection Pages, for other pages such as Homepage, Articles, Blogs, Navigation elements, etc, we do not support auto-inspect elements of media (images/banners), and you will need to do it manually to have local versions for target languages.

But no worries, just a few simple steps as this article will help you make it work easily.

Hope you enjoy this amazing feature with our app.

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