I. What is Preloading

Preloading means to prefetch all resources/links on a page right before a visitor clicks on that link based on prediction methods for the user's behavior when browsing on a website.
Preloading methods will be different and unique according to the user's devices such as desktop or mobile and their behavior while shopping on website.
Based on usual behaviors like doing a hover on a visible links on desktop or simply scrolling or having any touchpoint on mobile along with smart technologies, the app will help to preload all these resources/links on your website and deliver the page instantly to visitors without waiting time.

As a result, it will satisfy your customers and increase your conversion as well as boost your sales.

II. Which Preloading methods are available in Swift

Including 2 Preloading methods:

Simple Preloading

Smart Preloading

Simple Preloading method to predict resources based on mouse position, then makes your site’s pages instant just in time. By preloading pages right before a visitor clicks on a visible link while they hover their mouse over that link on desktop, or prefetch links when they're visible in viewport then preload every visible links on mobile.

Smart Preloading is a technique called Predictive Preloading. By consuming data from google analytics, we analyze this mathematical data to predict the user's behavior and dynamically create a predictive model that can be used to smartly prefetch only what the user is likely to need. Therefore, it will deliver all information that the user need just immediately.

III. Which plan can I use Preloading function

At the moment, we would like to offer this awesome feature available in both Basic plan and Premium plan.

For more useful information about our pricing plans and other highlighted features, please check this article.

Hope you enjoy Swift and have a wonderful experience!

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