What is Store Theme

Definition: Store theme (Theme) includes a series of tabs and info text/wording inside for the following categories:

Go to Shopify admin > Online store > Action > Edit language to find tabs and text for your Store theme.

For example:

NOTE: You might not find some tab names on your store theme like the above example since they vary on different Shopify theme language editors and specific stores.

How can manage or edit Store Theme in app

At the moment you could easily translate/ edit translation for Homepage and Checkout page separately in app by going to Translation > Manage content > choose target language

For other sections in Store theme, we would love to bring a good news that we've collected remaining elements/sections which belong to Store theme such as Blogs, Gift cards, Layout, etc and gathered them into the app successfully.

So now you could find and edit the translation for any section/element on theme easily and quickly by just going to Translation > Manage content > choose target language > Store theme > Edit button > find section/element on theme that you want to edit.

Also, you can go to Cart page resource to edit contents related to cart easily.

Relevant News:

Also, we've added 3 new resource types that translatable and editable in app including Shop Meta title and description, Delivery Method and Shop Metafield.

For more details about these elements, please kindly refer to the articles below.

How to translate Shop Meta Title & Description

How to translate Delivery Method

How to translate Shop Metafield

Hope this helps you a lot.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at support@fireapps.io
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