Target language

Target language is the language you wish to add to your website besides your store default language so that your targeted customers could view your store easily in their local language. Transcy will use your default language to translate into target languages.

Language source

Currently we provide 2 types of target language source in-app to help you with the best translation quality. So paid users could choose and use one of these or both types to translate target languages. Also, users could switch Target language from Advance language type to Basic language type and vice versa.

NOTE: Advance language type is NOT available in Free plan

1. Advance language type

Advance language type: Language that's synchronized with Shopify and published on Shopify, its translation is editable, so user can control/edit the translation in-app. The limit of maximum target language number of this language type depends on Shopify plan, which is you can set up to 5 target languages for translation.

NOTE: 5 target languages is limitation for Shopify normal Paid plans. More details can be found here. In case you reach the max limit of 5 target languages of Advance language, we highly suggest you choose Basic language type to add more target languages for instead.

Please be advised that the target language number added for Advance language also varies per Transcy plan. Please click here to learn more specific limits on per app plan.

2. Basic language type

Basic language type: a new source type of target language and that's added-on by Transcy, its translation is uneditable. When adding, it does not create a new locale in Shopify so the target language number is not limited by Shopify's limitation like Advance language type. Target languages ​​that can be added according to the list of languages ​​that Google supports here.
Please turn on the button to publish Basic language and get your store translated by AI machine system of this language.

NOTE: Please be advised that the checkout page can't be translated by Basic language due to some technical limits of this language source.

More details on how to set up Language Settings, please check here.

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at
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