We optimize your website by editing the Liquid theme code and using Javascript. If there's no changes on your website after the optimize work has been done, the speed score will remain on the same level in the future. If you find your score varies in around 5-10 points, it would be normal due to the unstable of Internet connection and server.

However, if you find the score decreases significantly by more than 10 points, there's may have problem somewhere. In that case, please kindly contact our support via in-app live chat or email us at support@fireapps.io. We will help to figure out why your speed score decrease and provide you free consults and suggestions.

NOTES: Our Support team will only help you to checkup and advise solution when your score gets down. Depending on the root cause, you may have to pay to hire Expert again to optimize your website in these following situations:

You changed/updated your theme and the new version structure is not compatible with the old optimize codes.
You change your design by adding new GIF/videos/heavy images to your website.
You add more third-party apps to your website.
Your third-party apps updated their version and their codes cause the speed score to be lower.

Hope that information would help.
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