By default all Product pages, Collection pages in your Shopify store will be auto synced to Transcy.

However, in case you do not see a specific page in Homepage, Blog post, Navigation, etc in the app, please go to Translation > Manage Content > choose target language > Manual Sync > choose the page type and please click on the Sync button in that page just one time to sync them manually to the app.

We also update your pages in Manual synced resources daily to ensure that always keep all your pages updated continuously. In case you don't want daily sync pages from our system, you can turn off this Daily sync option in-app by yourself and confirm before doing action.

When you enable Daily sync button on any specific page in Manual synced resource, our system will automatically scan and detect data everyday if the page has any change or new content/section then the app will auto sync/update all changes/new contents to that page. As a result, the translation of the page added in Auto Translate list and its status might be affected as well if our system detect any new content/change.

Example: When Daily sync button is turned on already for Homepage then you have added some new contents for default language on Homepage so you will see the status of Homepage from Translated status updated into Partially translated after our system done daily sync. In this case, please go to Homepage > Edit button to check detailed elements and update the translation of new contents that the app has newly synced.

Also, when you enable Daily sync and you've added the Homepage into Auto Translate list already, once our system detect and sync any new change/content on homepage to the app, those newly synced contents will be updated to the translation of target language(s) on homepage that you set up in Auto Translate Setting as well. So you will see this popup to notice and confirm before turn on Daily sync button.

NOTE: "Last updated" is the last time you sync a page type by clicking on Sync button or from our Daily sync system and this time measured based on your account timezone Setting in-app.

Or please feel free to contact CS team via live chat in-app or email us at then we will check and help you out asap.
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