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What will happen when I upgrade/downgrade plan in Transcy?


Upgrading plan successfully will unblock many premium function.

To know more about what is the difference between plans, please kindly refer to this article.


All language translation including your translated words and/ or manual edited translation are still saved if you downgrade to a lower plan (from Premium --> Growth or Premium/Growth to Basic), except special case (!). However, you can only publish current languages translation on website according to the target language number limit of your new plan downgraded and there occur some changes as the following:

Downgrade from Premium to Growth plan:

Can only publish maximum 5 target languages for Advance language
Edit the translation for only 5 target languages (Advance language)
Only add up and use 100 Glossary rules
Unable to replace image for other pages (Homepage)
Can only replace image for 10 Products, 10 Collections.

In case you have added more than 10 pages (Product/Collection) in Premium plan then downgraded to Growth plan, we still save and keep all data as well as the replacement version for pages that you have replaced and set up previously, but you can't add more pages to replace if reach the limit, except you delete some pages to adapt to your current plan limit then add new pages. And all replaced image versions will back to Unpublish status when downgrading, you need to republish themselves according to the Page number limit of your new plan.

Unable to auto update translation for Other pages
Can only auto update translation for 10 Products, 10 Collections. The rule is same as Replace image above.

You're in Premium plan and you've added 60 Product pages to replace image and set up for Auto update translation, then you downgrade to Growth plan so now you still have those 60 Product pages in the list to replace image (Auto translate function), but you can't add more since you have reached the Growth plan limit. In case you have published all 60 product pages previously in Premium plan, after downgrading plan, all those pages will back to Unpublish status and you have to publish themselves according to the Page number limit of Growth plan.
So if you publish the 11th Product page, the app will pop a notification to alert you've reached the current limit.

Reach the Replace image limit in Growth

Reach the Auto Translate limit in Growth

Downgrade from Growth plan to Basic plan:

Can only add 1 Advance language
Can only add 1 Basic language
Unable to edit translation of Metafield, Notifications, Packing Slip template
Unable the function Auto switch Language
Unable the function Auto update translation
Inactive rules and unable Glossary function
Unable the function Replace image
Unable to turn on/off Daily sync button

Downgrade from Basic plan to Free plan:

Unable all premium functions
Edited/manual translations (if any) are kept within 90 days. After 90 days from downgrading, manual translations will be deleted (!)
Unable turn on/off Third-party app function
Unable to configure Setting in Geolocation
Only add/publish 1 Basic language

NOTE: Advance languages added in the previous plan will be changed to Basic language type

Only add/publish 1 target currency
Only use Default Template and create a new template in Switcher settings

The maximum number of Languages ​​that users can publish is equal to the language limit of their plan. So when users downgrade from a higher plan to a lower plan, all Advanced and Basic languages ​​will switch back to Unpublish status, users have to republish themselves according to the language limit of their new plan. The rule is same to Currency, Replace image, Auto Translate.

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Updated on: 13/01/2023

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