We would love to inform you that we've released a brand-new Trial in 7 days for all New Users who haven't chosen any plan yet at first installation so new users could feel free to experience all outstanding functions from Economy to Essential without being charge before going to the final decision which plan you want to subscribe and approve charge.

It's a completely new Trial and not related to our old Premium function trial before.

1. Welcome onboarding after installing the app

2. Select feature types

After Welcome onboarding, you select feature types (Translate Language, Convert Currency, Customize Switcher) that you want to focus on so we can recommend the best plan for your store and you start 7 days of the Trial.

Example: You choose Translate languages > Next

NOTE: By default, Translate Languages option is marked already. You can select one of 2 options or both. If there is no option marked, users can't click on Next.

3. Suggest your best plan to try the Trial

Based on store's data collected (number of orders in 60 latest days) so combine all conditions of store and user's demand (feature types) selected at Welcome onboarding
=> suggest plan trial


Below is our New Trial flow:

Start Trial

From the beginning to Day 5 of Trial:

When new user start installing the app, it will auto collect data from store (number of orders in 60 latest days) so simply based on all conditions of store and user's demand selected at Welcome onboarding, we will suggest you a suitable plan to join our new Free Trial within 7 days with all functions in the chosen plan.

App shows popup to suggest plan

Example: Based on store's data collected (number of orders, product, etc) and features types selected at the beginning, the app would suggest Starter plan below.

Start Free Trial Now ---> Show Onboarding according to the plan suggested + demand on Welcome

Show Task list corresponding to the plan suggested on Dashboard


If you have done any feature/ function in the Task list, they will be marked green as below.


While discovering the Trial for your current chosen plan, you could change to another plan to try the Trial. It will show a Task list corresponding to the new plan you have changed.

During this time, if you have tried all functions in Task list of current plan, the app will auto suggest you to explore more in Higher Plan. So you could give it a shot to continue trying functions in other higher plans or just stay in your current plan.


End Trial

On Day 6 of Trial:

There will be a message in-app and email to notify users that the Trial is about to end, and a popup to sum up all functions and Task list that you have done in current plan as well as how many trial days still left.


Message in-app

Message in storefront

So on this day, you could decide to approve charge to start your chosen plan officially if you want and the Trial will be end right then.

On Day 7 of Trial:

Trial will be over based on our timer system and there will be a message to notice that.

Message in-app to notice the Trial has ended.


Message in storefront to notice the Trial has ended.

In case user does not log in the app to choose plan when the trial is over, no worries, user will be auto downgraded to Free plan.

User could review all result about functions, Task list has done in the Trial in our Summary Note.

User decide to choose plan and approve charge on Shopify payment.


During the trial, users can change to another paid plan in the trial but the trial days will be saved on our timer so it will not reset 7 days.

If during the Trial, users have not done 7 days of Trial yet but uninstalled the app for some reason then later users reinstall the app (as long as within 90 days from uninstalling), they could continue using remaining trial days still left on their current trial.

At the end of trial: premium feature will be temporarily disabled (settings will still be saved) until the user approves the correct plan

This New Trial only applies for New Users who have no plan yet.

Current Starter User and Essential User: There is no any new change and has no Trial flow, it's just a little bit new UX/UI in-app.

Current Free User who have been using Free plan before Aug 18, 2021 would be upgraded to Economy plan with many unblocked functions as our lovely gift for all loyal current free users without any charge. All current functions and setting will still be saved.

User No Plan: Users who leave at the Choose Plan step should not have a specific plan, when they return to the app, they will be counted as New User and follow the new trial flow normally. Or users have uninstalled the app before and then they reinstall the app after 90 days of uninstalling, also counted as a New User.
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