To make the app easier and more convenient in using, we've developed our functionality better, and improved UI design in some pages/dashboard as well as included some useful video/tutorial in app to help you instantly. Below is more details.

Simplify the setup process

If you're a new customer which already install the app, just choose your plan (Approve the charge in case you choose a paid plan), and then you will be directed to Dashboard immediately to start using the app.

If you're a current customer who have been using the app before, you just need to click on Update Now button in the app to confirm then continue using the app normally. All previous setting and translation data before the update still be saved.


For some reason about technique as well as for the purpose all users could proactively set up the language or page that want to translate as your wish. We will no longer to translate homepage for free at the first setup as before.

Improve UI better on Dashboard, Language section and Edit translation section

On Dashboard, you could easily choose any Quick actions such as Translate your store, Switch currencies, Edit Translation, Set up Switcher

You could click on Watch tutorial to get step-by-step guidance on how to use functions quickly.

On Language section

For example:

This is a new design which will show you current status of the target language clearly

This is our old design

All functions and setting still be the same as before, we just improve the new UI in this update.

On Edit Translation

For example:

The new UI which show you all page types, number of section/page for per type and just click on View detail button to see more the result.

The old UI

Integrate with Shopify payment to get support Multiple currency at the checkout page.

Please check this link to learn more.


Please be advised that we only support multi currency at the checkout page in case you've already used Shopify payment.
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