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In this newest update, we are offering only 2 Paid plans (STARTER, ESSENTIAL without Free trial), and a FREE plan (with all basic features).


Including all basic features per below:

Translate your store into 1 target language only
Translate up to 2000 available words
Unblock all pages enable to translate
Edit translation
Customize Switcher style
Convert up to 167 target currency (click here to know more)
Auto Switch Currency by location
Integrate with Shopify Payment
Show Transcy logo


Price is $17.9/month including the following highlighted features:

Everything in FREE plan, and:
Translate your store up to 5 targeted languages
Translate up to 100,000 words
Translate third-party app elements
Automatic language detection (refer to Language settings for more details)
Remove Transcy logo
24/7 live chat support


Price is $39.9/month including:

Everything in STARTER plan, and
Translate up to 250,000 words
Automatically bonus 50,000 words monthly (this offer will start to be applied after 30 days of choosing the Essential plan)
Auto translate new product and new content
Translate media content
Dedicated app specialist


In case you reach the translated words limit in your current plan, please follow these articles for more guidance.

What should I do when I have reached the translated words limit in current plan?

Is there any notice when I have reached the translated word limit or when I downgrade or upgrade plan?

Should you need further support, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at
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