This is not a bug from the app. The cause is from some reasons below:

Shopify Market:

Recently Shopify has released a brand-new feature is Shopify Market. If you're using Shopify Market but have not set up or enable Languages for your Market location that might cause the problem 404 when switching to those target languages on Switcher.

In this case, please kindly go to Shopify admin >> Setting >> Market >> Primary Market >> Manage

Domains and languages >> Manage

If you use Primary domain only, please kindly scroll down to Market languages below then tick on languages that you want to show on your target customer's Market/location then Save


Similarly to Subdomain and Subfolder in Other Market, please kindly check and make sure that you have set up language properly to avoid the 404 Page not found issue.

After setting up language for your Market, please wait around 1 minute for the app get market's data synced


If you have added some languages in Shopify admin before but have not enabled/published those languages for your store domain yet, then it will cause this problem. Please be advised you can manage which ones are published from your Shopify admin. You can also unpublish a language, which hides the language from customers. So all links to the store in a particular language which has not been published yet in Shopify admin will result in a 404 “Page not found” error.

Similarly, in some cases, you could see your page be reloaded for so long with the URL has several /en at the end like this example:

The cause is the same with 404 "Page not found" error.

For more details, please refer to this link to know how to manage multiple languages in Shopify admin.

In case you encounter the above issues, please follow simple steps as the following to solve the problem:

Go ahead Shopify admin >> Settings >> Domains >> Manage

Select the languages which you want to enable for your Shopify domain then save



Besides selecting the languages which you want to enable for your shopify domain as above, please check and make sure that you have turned on or published your target languages in the app already.

In case you had unpublished some target languages in the app before, then you have republished them in app, please be noticed that you need to go back to Shopify admin >> Settings >> Domains >> Manage and tick on those target languages to re-active them on shopify domain properly. By doing so, it will not cause 404 error.

Conflicts between several translation apps

If you follow all steps above but the issue still persists, please make sure that you do not use several translation apps at the same time. Since this might cause some conflicts between our code with others. In this case, please keep patience and contact us immediately to get further support.

Hope this helps you much.

For further concern or set up related to Shopify Market, please kindly contact Shopify support for better support and advice.


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