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Why does Transcy remain the original currency on checkout page?

Basically base on a Multi-currency app such as Transcy, which simply support to show an indication of the price in the selected currency on the Switcher. The app already use an exchange rate and is only an approximation, even not including fees such as taxes so that is only for your customers' reference on website.

To make the user experience smoothly, Transcy help customers can browse your store in multiple languages even in their local currency and/or language from their first shopping approach to the add to cart page. However, as soon as customers get checkout page to purchase their orders, the store will revert back to the base currency, which they will need to pay in. That means customer will see the price in your store's currency (default currency) and of course they will be charged an FX fee by their bank for shopping in another currency.

For example:

Your base or default currency is USD on Shopify store.

Customer select Japanese Yen (¥) on the currency Switcher, as a result, it will show the price of product in Japanese Yen in the product page like this picture.

When customer click on Buy it now button and go ahead to the checkout page for paying their orders, the store will revert back to your base currency is USD.

The cause is because Shopify manage the conversion for your website, and not all apps are compatible with multi-currency on Shopify as well as different price rounding so we cannot intervene directly the checkout page.

But if you're using Shopify Payment already, you could use multi currency at the checkout page through setting up Markets. That means when using Shopify Payments, Markets lets you automatically convert your storefront prices to international currencies and rounds them up based on the latest foreign exchange rates. From storefront and checkout to notifications and refunds, Markets provides a consistent multi-currency experience so your international customers can shop with confidence.

More details, please refer to this article.

Please be advised that once using Shopify Payment and Shopify Market, currency format, exchange rate and local currency at checkout page would be managed directly by Shopify system. So for more concerns related to setting up or currency format adjustment, please kindly contact Shopify support for better advice and support.

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Updated on: 18/01/2023

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