After you have done the translation setup, you've selected a language with Transcy switcher but after checking, you only see some parts/elements are translated, not the whole page translated.

So don't worry. Please check the following reasons that might help you find out the cause and find a suitable solution for your case.

1. Translation status

Please go to Translation --> Manage Content --> choose target language --> check the translation status of your page.


If it's still translating, please wait for a moment until the progress is done. After that, your page should be translated completely.

Update Needed:

Your page has been translated before but there are some parts still not translated yet or there were some contents on your page have been updated before but you're not noticed yet.

So please click on the Edit button to check each element carefully to make sure that you're not missing any element being untranslated.

3. Missing element/option

Please check if you missed any element/option needed to be translated while setting up the translation since this might cause your incomplete translation.

Example: Product page

If yes, please tick on additional elements/options that you want to translate --> click on Translate .

Hope this helps you a lot.

If you need some more help, please feel free to contact us via live chat or email us at
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