According to statistics from recently web app researches, they have found that about 77% of mobile sites take longer than 10 seconds to load in 3G networks, and the average load time is around 19 seconds for mobile sites in 3G. On 4G networks the average load time isn't much better with 14 seconds. Besides measuring mobile site based on the type of network model (2G, 3G, 4G,...) in poor or good connection, the average load time also depends on which component the majority of web content is measured - homepage, product, or something on your web page. These measurement factors are also similar to desktop.

Indeed, when a user can't navigate your online store smoothly, or your pages load slowly, they are more likely to leave before they buy something.
Also, waiting for a web page to load or navigation on your store slowly could frustrate your customers and decrease conversions. So we're aware of improving navigation speed to deliver the page instantly to users is actually an important matter, which helps to impress your customers and boost your conversion as well.

With Smart Preloading, we bring an advanced solution to support you with faster web navigation.

For more detail on What is Smart Preloading and how to set up, please click here to learn more.

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